When it comes to expertise roofing and maintenance service in the construction business, look nowhere else but us!

We are chosen by our clients for a variety of services because of our dedication towards our work and mastery over the skills. With a panel of professionals in our team, we make sure that every project we take up posses impeccable craftsmanship and eye on details. So far, we have serviced more than 100 homes & they are satisfied with the quality of service that we provide.


With sheer dedication and unparalleled skills in his hand, Blake Luby, the founder started TYLER TX ROOFING PRO COMPANY. But, he also knew that building up a team is necessary to build up an emperor. After completing his education, he began pursuing his skills and mastered them over the period of time.

He strongly believes that it is the quality of his service that would take the company to places in no time. Whether your roof needs an installation or a complete renovation, whether your gutter needs a replacement or your garage doors – we are here to help you out with minute details. We are always ready to cater you with all the necessary information that you need to make the decision.

Our Core Values

Being in the industry since past decade, we have a stringent quality control measure. We stand by the important core values that take us ahead.

TRANSPARENCY – We make sure that there are no hidden service charges. Transparency is our major concern and we stand by it no matter what. We inform you about the service that your issue requires you the most and take no step ahead without informing you about it.

EXCELLENCE IN SERVICE – The stringent quality control measure ensures that every project that the company undertakes is performed with utter excellence. There is no room for errors at all. Customer satisfaction is their top-notch priority.

TEAMING IT – WE ARE NOTHING WITHOUT THE EXPERTS AT WORK. OUR TEAM HAS MASTERED THE ART OF ROOFING AND other services, this is why we take pride in our team. They are experts in their domains and they make sure that each project that we take is completed with utmost dedication.